Been so long

9:17 AM

Now it's been so long I didn't write any post in this blog. And the previous post was just, I had written it for so long. I just happen to post it anyway. It's kind of revelation.

Tonight my groupmates and I struggle for our last assignment this semester, Linguistics. I have done my part and little do I know that I have some corrections need to be done for my part so yeah, my mood was abrupt, a bit.

Actually, the assignment didn't put me into this situation. I feel different now (in a bad way though). Something is just not right and I know I am overthinking. But this quite peculiar feeling eat me and I just can't stand it sometimes.

I am not quite sure what puts me into this. And why this is happening.

And I feel soooooo terrible when my friends seem didn't fit in with me anymore. This adds to my bad mood anyway. How ahhh T_T   Then, to whom should I feel belong and safe with? Is it me who overthinks or is it actually happening?

Another two days and I just don't prepare myself. Why do I have to anyway? It's kind of unimportant right?

Oh God, see there, Fara is being selfish again. *facepalm

Now you see, I cannot even write when I'm feeling down and it's horrible. Should write anything anyway... You know, some say Write until the pain of your finger replaces the pain that is in your mind. I've tried and the result is kind of same :(

Ahhhh. Advice seem do not fit into my logical deeds for now. And I think it just don't make sense. No no. It's me who don't make sense ahhhhh. What is wrong with me? T_T

I think I have to get some sleep. Yes. To forget all of these nonsense. Bye.

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