Be Mindful, Dear

6:23 PM

I never mind and I never care if you cannot create any sweet words for me.
I don't mind, Dear.

But please, when I do, be mindful of that. 

What I was trying to say here is, at least, 
you understand what I'm trying to say. 
Get to know what I'm trying to convey to you.
Try, at least to appreciate my effort and recognize it.
Acknowledge the meaning. 

What I was asking is pretty simple actually. 
Perhaps, that was it.
You never know what lies within my words all this while.

I'm a melodramatic, while you're a straightforward. 
I love you, therefore I have to accept your disability and all the flaws. 

I try to understand you. Please, I try. 
Forgive me, and I'll try again.

Just don't forget, that I am a human too.
I demand for my right, my desire and my need.

Probably, I might not tolerate with you after this.
Worries not, 
I still love you, love you, and always will. 

Just, be mindful, dear.

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