Keep loving me.

9:59 AM

Why do I get so emotional when it comes to you?

I still remember that night, you said you were stressed. And I felt really horrible. Not knowing how to comfort you was the worst feeling ever. I had to choose words wisely so I wouldn't hurt you.

I am sorry for still building the barrier between us. The walls that keep hindering me to tell everything to you. Well in fact, I know and I bet that we are keeping something that only we know. There are so much things that we don't have to tell someone else, isn't it?

Thank you.
Thank you for teaching me some things that I didn't know before.
Thank you for enlightening my life.
Thank you for guiding me the way.

You show me what it's like to have a good listener, though you're not a good advisor.
You show me what it's like to be beautiful, though I know I'm not, physically and intellectually.
You show me how much better I could be, though I always fail and stuck in the middle of the way.

Awak. I know sometimes we got lost along the way. We choose to not say anything about this but I hope. I do really hope, we can get through this together.

"I know I let you down, but I'm never gonna make that mistake again. You brought me closer to who I really am. Come take my hand. I want to show the world, what you mean to me."

Keep loving me, sweetie.

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