Drama Performance: Menaechmus

6:20 PM

Congratulations to the teams just now for performing the short scene from Manaechmus. Overall, I really like your performance because there are a lot of comedy scenes and you guys succeed in making it as cheerful as it can.

I was amused by Pya's cute voice while singing. And amazingly, she told us that she made the tune herself! She must be struggling so hard just to find the perfect tune. And at the very beginning, Faizureen managed to attract my attention with the narration along with her voice. This kept me remained focus. Huhu. Other characters also play their part very well, as if you are in the reality. Serious. I'm truly satisfied. 👍

Not to forget. All the costumes were very colourful! I wonder where you get those from😂. Even though there were a few mistakes, you guys still can enjoy your acting as well as we enjoy watching you. Great job, fellow friends.

P/s: Actually this is the comment that I would like to give in the class but I was so scared to speak up. Hahaha. Idiot me. Pray for my group as well. I wonder what Madam would assign us for. Hope we can make it and people would enjoy 

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