Splendid Sunday - Fantastic Food

8:54 PM

Today is Sunday and now I'm currently in Johor. Today I will go back to my beloved UIA Gombak. It has been two days since I left Farhana, Kak Ain and Maria in our very room at Block H level 3.

I'm as usual, always missing them. When I was at IIUM, I will definitely miss my home, my parents, my siblings. The same thing took place when I'm at home. I will be missing my friends, my roommates, the scent of cafes, and the list goes on. That's why I have been told to always cherish the moment and take it for granted. As we don't know when will it come again. Or maybe the death will come first. Naudzubillah.

Lol, am I tazkirah myself again?

I woke up this morning, but I just can't make it to shake my sisters' hands as they had gone to the schools this morning. So I just packed my stuffs and settle all businesses before I go back IIUM.

Last night, my mum made Laksa Johor. But it was just a plain laksa johor. I mean, no sambal pedas, no slices of cucumbers, no taugeh and so on. The laksa johor consisted only of the spagetti and the kuah ikan. Well I'm okay with that because I normally don't put those sambal and all in my plate! I don't care. It is just me being me though 😂

This morning my dad bought a nasi lemak for me as he knew that my mum won't make a breakfast.

Then, my mum made egg tarts. A bunch of egg tarts. There were so many as if she wanted me to take all to IIUM.

Alhamdulillah. The egg tarts were amazing. Then, I accidentally said, "Ya Allah lamanya tak masak nasi goreng sardin. Rindu lah. Umi, nasi ada lagi tak?"

Then Umi was like saying I don't know and I was like, oh okay. Never mind.

My bus ticket, written on it that the time was on 10.30 am. But usually, the bus will pick me up in front of the Gerai Pisang Goreng Rangup from Pontian. My house is at Rengit. So I will wait in front of the gerai maybe at 11 am.

Well my dad is a punctual person. He dislikes the late comers and being late anytime anywhere. Unfortunately, my dad lives with a woman and lot of daughters who are always late. Hahahaha pardon, I'm the only kid who always be punctual and discipline about time 🙊

At the exact 10.30 am, my mum was trying to cook something. I was shocked. Eh what else did she wanna cook? I almost get my bus arrived. With the effort and super speed, she just moved on and cooked me nasi goreng sardin. Say whatttttttttt?

Me taking lunch in the bus.

Umi, why are you making this for me 😢😭

I was so touched at the moment. Seriously. She cooked for me. Because she knew that her daughter really craved for something to eat even though that was the time that my bus could be arrived at anytime. I don't know what else to say. And alhamdulillah. She made it. She said sorry for making the dish way to spicy.

I don't care! Seeing your effort to make a dish for me just tooo lovely and I was almost crying mum 😢💕

That's it. I still remember she packed my stuffs. I mean, I already packed my stuffs and maybe she did that because she can see how terrible I packed stuffs. Huhu. Mum is a superhero. Same goes to dad. I love both.

Then, I shake hands with mum. Going to in front of the Gerai Pisang Goreng Rangup. And my bus arrived then.

Arriving at TBS around 3.30 pm. I performed Zuhr and Asr prayer and took LRT to Gombak. And now I'm here, in Mahallah Ameenah. Safely arrived! Alhamdulillah.

Please guys. Take care of your parents. They hid their sadness, tireness, disappoinmnets, just to see you happy. They always pray for their children and including you too. Pray for them. Cherish them. Make them happy as they always try to make you happy. Show your respect. They are your parents, dudes.

Till then, bye :')

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