emotional earthquake

2:19 AM

too many advice and motivational words.

but when you're in a great despair and disgrace, you just don't care.

put it all behind you.

now it seems like your ego comes first.

your ego wins, again.

what is all about?

i hate you. i hate you. i hate you.

i hope that i always be left out in the cold after this.

just do it!

and if i get mad, don't give a damn.

in silence, i'd say, GO AWAY.

and what you have to do?

just walk away.

i don't need you anymore.

even though i have to cry in my very room.

it is better than i have to cry over and over again on the same damn thing.

so that's why i ask you to leave.

so i would cry for you only once and then i will be okay.

go. just go.

you don't matter in my life.

you're a great dunderhead I've ever met.

you are just another chapter that i jot and burn.

i don't wanna fill my so called experience with the name of you.

please god

can i have this chance to get rid of this shit?

i mean like forever? and ever?

please god. it's now or never.

forgetting a person who let me know that i had been in sweet cloud 9?

forgetting as well a person who let me down for no reasons?

i hope it is still not too late to realize

that i am in a wrong road.

i'm sorry.

i'm just a bad trespasser.

i'm sorry for leaving my remark to your heart too.

and you shouldn't, too, in the first place.

it's not fair.

it is just not fair.

i'm in a terrible emotional earthquake.

this inferiority inside of me has eaten me for quite some time.

and then it puke.

letting out either good or bad.

good is sweetness.

bad is ignorance.

ironic. but that is what happening.

and you're still there.

not knowing what you've been through.

like an idiot been isolated in a crowd without a proper guardian.

bullshit. just let it out!!!!!!

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