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11:29 PM

Alhamdulillah. Now, I have my own laptop to write this post instead of typing on the phone keypad. haha. Thanks to Daddy and Mummy for buying this laptop so I considered this laptop as theirs not mine. But I used it frequently though! :P

They bought me this laptop since I said to them that I want to learn photoshop at Benut but it required me laptop and I had not one. Therefore, they bought me one. Couldn't be grateful more. T_T

Okay enough of this introduction. I intended on writing a post regarding the topic.

Lately, I was very, I don't know how to describe it, empty..?

Well I have so many plans to do but it seems like I don't dare to accomplish it, do I?

Plan here means I was planning to write. Write anything. My mind seems blank and I can't think the solution of this problem. It is not a big deal but it suffocates me deep inside me because I have set the plan. I have set my mind to write. Then, things just don't go the way I planned.

I gave up.

I moved on from the plan and kept doing my daily chores - waking up, tidying up house, washing dishes and clothes, learning to drive with Dad, sleeping, eating, and that's it.

I need to do the writing. It is as if my therapy. Kept you soothing and intoxicated with the pens, papers, pencils and make you ponder with your life, no?

Until one day,

I was browsing for IIUM Benl Blogs and I found this one blog which make me more interested to read his posts. The spirit came to me suddenly.

I started to read his blog, it interests me with his style of writing. Kebaboom!

Then, I went to other blogs (which is not IIUM Benl Blogs la). Subhanallah these people and their writings really motivated and inspired me to write, at least something.

Thanks to Kak Balqis Azhar. I frequently go to her blog to see that part of 'Because I read them'.
That is where I found other bloggers who write the things that I was longing for - unconsciously.

Despite of these things, I have a problem. I am unsure about this but I try to improve.

People say, the one who likes to write actually likes to read. The one who likes to read only then knows what to write.

It's definitely true.

Then, I questioned myself, do I like to read? Even me can't answer it whether I like to read or not. Can I say the question is unaswerable-can't be answered? Hahaha.

For as far as I concern, I rarely holding a book to read. But I do enjoy buying books because the title of the books were really attracting me, and if I read other's review about a certain book-that attracts me, only then I will try to put an effort to buy the book.

Maybe, I don't like to read and that is why my writings often don't seem to be fantastic and terrific at all. The one who likes to read my writings is only ME. Say what you wanna say, be it syok sendiri or narcissist. I have my own struggle what?

Reading is not necessarily with books, yes?

Because I often with my gadgets and I read those postings by other people such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wordpress, Blogs and the list goes on.

Hey! Besides, reading their posts sometimes joyful and sometimes boring as well. But that's okay. I get bored easily, that's why I am not too loyal in love! opps! :P

All in all, I would like to emphasize one thing about writing.

Write anything you want as long as it comes from your heart with pure intention, InsyaAllah everything will turn out well. I quoted this from kak Fatin Liyana-blogger, doctor, wife, mother.

Alright, I guess this is it. Sekian.

Fara John,
Still searching for the mood and spirit.

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