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Long time ago. I've read a post by (I'm sorry. Forgot your name sister!) And shared by Kak Fadh. MasyaAllah like seriously. I have never ever ever to cross in my mind such content of the post! Inspiring.

Here it is.

Listen: if you are suffering in silence: stop. This is not what patience looks like. It is not what God is asking you for. The Prophet endured and patiently persevered but he never never stopped moving, stopped looking for a way out, a different path to a better situation. If it hurts, complain to the One who never tires and then get up and work. Do your part. Be your own advocate. Seek assistance. Be fearless. I'm not discounting the possible danger. Only telling you that we were put here for striving. Hajjar didn't sit and "suffer in silence"-- she was running. She was sweating. She was striving. That was your mother. You are more than the brokenness of this moment.


At first, I can't brain this clearly. It was somehow confusing and tangling. So I asked Madihah and Aini regarding this. And here is what Madihah said,

she is talking about something on earth that the universe would give damn to which a person who preserve patience in a right and beautiful way.

to make those very honourable sister Dalia Mogahed's words understandable for you,


sabar bukan bermaksud kita bertahan dalam kesiksaan dan penderitaan dalam diam tanpa bagitahu sesiapa. orang buat apapun, duduk diam dan tahan sakit hati then kita claim kita tengah bersabar. itu bukan sabar yang sebenar.

patience does not mean we stop doing, stop striving or stop moving.

sabar tu bertahan dan proses mentabahkan diri untuk bangkit dan hadap rintangan dan cabaran yang datang.

sebab tu sister Dalia bagi contoh rasulullah saw dan siti hajar.

bila didatangkan ujian bertalu-talu kepada rasulullah, rasulullah bertahan dan tak pernah berputus asa, tak pernah berhenti berdakwah dan tak pernah berhenti cari jalan keluar.

kalau penat, mengadu pada Allah yang tak merasa penat dan bangkit semula.

Siti Hajar pun sama. bila didatangkan ujian ditinggalkan di padang pasir dengan anak dia Ismail, dia tak sit quietly and "suffer in silence". dia berlari cari mata air untuk Ismail yang dahaga, dia buat SOMETHING instead of duduk dan menanggung hiba dalam kegelapan malam yang hening bertemankan langit yang kelam tanpa bintang dan rembulan yang mengambang menyinari hati yang suram. hehehehe!

harap dapat mencerahkan sister Dalia Mogahed punya content.

a very good perspective from her! thank you for sharing, Fara John!

Madihah pun baru tahu pasal sabar ni. really inspiring and motivating!


Now there you go. Read between the lines B-)
It is special, attractive, make you pondering as well.
Speechless and nothing more else to say.

P/s: If and only if we know and feel the sabr and its benefits. Hmmmm~~

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