inferiority complex

9:24 AM

Guys, it's been a long holiday. And I feel like i didnt use the precious time properly... Sad ya know. I'm not productive at all. Okay here i wanna share with you guys about me myself being an inferior girl... This below post, i have posted it in my status on facebook.

"Wait, what..? Why are you crying?"

"Listen carefully dear. I really. Really want to voice out my opinion for a long time ago. But I was afraid. Too terrified and anxious if you would laugh at me, mocking me, or probably talking bad about myself behind me.

And now, I do voice out my idea and opinion. Unfortunately, you keep laughing at my ideas. I am upset. Too sad because it seems like you guys belittle me. The most thing that I was scared, now it happens to me."

P/s - I dont know. This inferiority complex really really distracting. Feeling of i-am-not-belong-here keep haunting. But, I will always remember a piece of advice from my seniors that "Do not afraid of doing wrong" because To live a creative life, we must loose our fear of being wrong.

#selangkahmengubahdunia ?
#hidupbiarberjasa ?

That's what I felt and feel right now. Something's on my mind that I can refute or resist it. What is it? What is the cause of my inferiority complex? Jelousy? Envious? Hatred? Tiredness? :'(

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