Final for Sem 1

6:40 AM


Hey guys, I hv just finished my final exam for this sem. Well, this is my first time being in the examination that was held by university. It was like other examinations that I hv sit before. Just a bit different la. Because I was sitting in a small room. Sometimes, big room. Yeahh, not specific la the venues. But that not matters. Not a big deal either. O yeah, the attire too. We hv that freedom to wear anything as long as it is 'tutup aurat'. Hmm. One more thing, just don't forget to bring along matric card and examination slip. Or else, you may not be sitting the examination that day. Such a relief I passed! Hehe

What am I nagging haaaa.

Okay, get to the story. For this sem, I took 3 subjects. They were English (LEM0520), Islam and Other Religion (RKA0413), and Business Study (QSA0294). Hehe just three. So you know that I was really really relaxed this sem. Alhamdulillah I think I did quite well in my final. I don't know. I just did.. Well, many thanks to my father, mother, families and friends for praying for me. It was a great gift from Allah to having some ppl that would pray for your best. Praise be to Him.

I do not put the highest hope for this final. Yeah, I know that I played a lot during this sem as I know I just had 3 subjects only. Haha well , human being always like this kan. But it was in the past. The 'regret' feeling is there, inside of me. Well I think most of students behave like this. For most of the time. Why haa? Idk laa. I hope I won't become like them. I just want to be succeed in my life, my job, my career and my business in hereafter as well. IN SHA ALLAH AAMIIIN :)

Myself said that "okay, since this is my first time being university student, I want to be better after this. I really want to. I hope Allah will help and guide me along the journey bcs I know it is not so easy. That's why I need strength from The Strength Giver (Allah). I don't want wasting my time to such unnecessary things. I want to serve for my country, the ummah. Insya Allah. I want to do it with my friends. I dont care where they are from. Bcs I know Allah had destined me to be with some ppl around me that will support and let me down. They both important. They give me strength, experiences and knowledge. Idk how to explain more but..yeah.. haha. One more, I want to expose myself to the society by becoming the volunteer or joining activities that will be held. Theres a lot of things that I want to do. Whatever it is, may Allah always bless me , family , friends and you guys who read this post. Insya Allah"

Till then, guys. Bye! Hope you have some resolutions for this new Islamic year. Make sure that they are logic, reasonable suit with your effort okay! Salam Maal Hijrah :)

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