Kembara IPTA , Kembara IPTS

12:58 AM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Second day in Unisel. 

We were divided into groups in order to travel IPTA and IPTS in Malaysia. 

IPT's that had been chosen : 
  • UIA, Gombak
  • UPSI, Tanjung Malim
  • Help University
  • UM
  • Kolej Dar al Hikmah
  • UniKL
  • UiTM, Shah Alam
As for me, of course I do want to go to UIA. Hahaha but when we got into the bus, our tourist guide (ohh, I forgot your name la abang) , he didn't want to tell us where we were heading to. Surprise he said. 

Well, in the bus we mixed with other states, yeahh, and I get to know with sister of arwah Ahmad Ammar Ahmad Azzam. She is Fatiha. Hihi. Never thought that she would join this programme. Yo well done Fatihah! 

Okay first, my group went to Kolej Dar al Hikmah. Yess. It was IPTS. We heard a talk from the lecturer there. hehehe. Unfortunately, I didn't make a note what he said. I'm sorry. Well I need to improve myself more. 

Okay, the second destination is JENG JENG JENG

Hahaha,all of us were right! Our group got IIUM, Gombak! 

Oh my Oh my Oh my

I need to control myself. I love that place! My dream is to be one of the precious, awesome and marvellous student there! hehehehehe

After Zohor prayer, we were given a task. Yes, an unexpected task. We have to find other friends from other states to make a comlpete group. Then, we have to interview some foreigners in UIA and asked them what was their first experience when they were in UIA. Wuhhhh! Adventerous a lotttt!

In order to interview them, we had to speak in english la kan. Ternyata my english is not so good. Luckily in my group we had a girl who could talk in english. Not fluently but still she was brave to IV them. Congratss and thankyou to her and all of the participants who took part. 

When will I have to be brave...? When Fara when?!!


Yes finally we finished our task and got some drinks. 

I love Oreo beverages. Oreo shake. Yummy yummy

and then as usual , we have to give some ibrahs.
You know, I got a lot of experiences there. Very much. 
Trust me, PMGK is the very best. 
Where on earth you will get those experiencessss. ceihh poyoo

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