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On the 26th Oct, the hostellers celebrated Annual Dinner after Isyak prayer at the Seri Gemilang Hall.
The theme for that night is  'This Moment We Own It'..

My first impression when I got into the hall. Congratss to all the AJKs for this grand prestigious dinner.
You know what? I could feel that I attend to Anugerah Bintang Popular.
It was very Grand! Err, maybe I am just 'jakun'. Hahaha :D
Whatever, as you know, this was my first time attending the Annual Dinner.
And I never thought that it would be this luxurious!

Just look at the gate. Purplish
This picture is taken when the VVIPs were going in the hall. 

Next, the form 5 students entering the hall accompanied by musical instruments. 
My heart beats fast!

After that, form-4-hot-girl-students performed Sahabat(BestFriendForever) by Super7.
Nice song.

Before I forgot, these are our MC, Ayie and Atique Mar :)

yeahh, after that, Hamzi recite the prayer, our ex-president, Usop, Cikgu sahadun and Principal deliever their speech. Our warden, ustaz haris gave his speech as well.
Then, we eat ! hahaha. There's a cupon for each student.
There are cakes, sates, chickens, snacks, cendol, jellies and others.
They are very tasty, mouth-watering and delicious micious! muahaha :D

Lucky Draw! hmm.. I'm not lucky to get called and have the prizes.
You know what? I think the hostel is very rich as the prizes were toaster, luggage, shelf, fan, iron plane, and others. Err, I'm very surprised at that time. Can you imagine that? I think if the prize is car, I would be shouting there, honestly! hahaha.. nonsense >_<

okay, then, the play by aspura and the performance by form-2-girl-students. Good job guys. You've done well ;')

the most moment that I've waited for so long..........
yess, the pupils who was born in Oct, Nov and Dec are called to go to the stage.
I am one of them ;)
Try to find me ^_^

Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You, 
Happy Birthday To You, Happy Birthday To You..... :)


Opportunity knocks. Tok tok tok.

okay, Dear Haziq, my president, I want to wish you Happy Birthday, May Allah bless you always, may you live in peace and harmony in life and afterlife. And, may we (form4 SMKDPB) succeed to get the perfect score in our SPM 2014. Let's struggle for it! Come on babe! We can do it! Batch 97 awesome.

Sincerely from me, ProFara :)

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